Written Agreement Traduction

As soon as GMS CURAC entrusts the author with the acquisition of other standard texts or master illustrations, a special agreement is required. By special arrangement, our rooms can also be used in the evening and on weekends. All entries will be released exclusively as part of the Contest and any additional use is subject to special agreement. Room service requires a special arrangement and is available at an additional cost. Any use other than for sending purposes requires special agreement. An interface agreement is a document that defines an interface between two teams/sites/functional responsibilities. It can be signed by both parties when an agreement is reached, but not always. The sponsorship agreement applies to a written contract in which sponsors and candidates commit to each other. Typically, the sponsor will submit a completed and signed Sponsorship Agreement (photocopy or fax) with the sponsorship application. Interestingly, the agreement should not be agreed in the application package until it is clear that: Situations that require the inclusion of new or family members in the application may arise. In this scenario, visa offices must add these individuals to the copy of the applicant`s agreement. Visa offices must then submit this information to the Mississauga Case Processing Centre (M-CPC). A sponsorship application that does not contain a signed agreement is not complete.

A power of attorney is a legal document in which a person delegates the power and authority to act on their behalf in general or on specific matters. Therefore, there is no legal impediment for a person duly designated in the power of attorney to sign a sponsorship application on behalf of a competent or incapable client, provided that the authority gives them the authority to do so. The interface agreement is similar to the interface document. In the absence of a special agreement, payment without deduction is required. 2. GW is not responsible if the exact quantity and weight of the delivered products deviate slightly (up to 5%) from the contract. Any cash discount deduction requires a special written agreement. E 058 Office hours: by special agreement Head of the International Bureau Strategic internationalization issues Staff and financial liability No derogation from these rules is permitted without the special agreement of the Committee. The return of the packaging requires special agreement. Gluing on the inserts is subject to special agreement and is only possible in conjunction with a 1/1 side display.

No translation could be found in the PONS dictionary. 20 translations could be found from examples found on the Internet. It is specified that this Regulation constitutes a special agreement within the meaning of Article 142 EPC. Some contractors may refer to an agreed (and possibly signed) interface issue as an interface agreement. Under the agreement, sponsors commit to meeting the basic needs of sponsored applicants and their accompanying family members throughout the life of the business. These include requirements such as food, shelter, clothing, goods or services, as well as health and dental care that are not yet covered. The Mississauga Case Processing Centre (M-CPC) should contact the sponsor to determine if it continues to meet the financial needs. If it determines that this is the case, it will add the new family member or report to the business and agreement. It should be noted that sponsors and co-signatories as well as candidates remain bound by their obligations after the signing of the contract. Therefore, they can only revoke the agreement if they withdraw the entire company before visas are issued (for applicants abroad) or before permanent resident status is granted (for applicants in Canada). An interface plan is an agreement between the parties to the interface on the expected access to « contract items » before unloading and delivery – for example, for the control of underwater computers, umbilical cord, etc. Note that the project interface management plan is a basic project document that defines how interfaces are managed, and it is described here.

Results: 53. For the master`s thesis, the student could also decide, in consultation with the tutor, to organize the exchange semester independently and in a university with which there is no particular agreement. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the price includes « free home » delivery including packaging as well as customs formalities and customs duties. Do you want to add words, sentences or translations?. Insofar as GMS CURAC entrusts the author with the acquisition of third-party text or image templates, a special agreement is required. A copy of the written agreement with the supplier established in a third country. It may not be derogated from without the special approval of the Bureau. The deduction of the cash discount is only allowed with a special written agreement. Of course, you can also rent a smaller meeting room during your event or take advantage of our professional secretarial service. Room service requires a special agreement or is available at an additional cost. The annual fee is due before the end of February.

For events that continue for more than 24 hours, we charge a flat night supplement in the amount of 75.00 per hour started. . Book a conference room at the business center and make a lasting impression on your partners: modern, professional and reliable – without incurring expenses for investments or maintenance. . In the case of winning entries, the prize money is used to cover the rehearsal in the third programs of THE ARD, in SF DRS, on ARTE as well as in 3sat and ARD Digital. . It should be noted that this Regulation constitutes a special agreement within the meaning of Article 142 EPC. . Total edition 120, – € / thousand ( Price including shipping costs ) The annual fee is to be paid before the end of February. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the price includes « free home » delivery including packaging as well as customs and customs formalities.

This Agreement may be amended on the basis of a written agreement between the Parties. . . . Total draw 120.- € / 1.000 ( Price including the share of shipping costs ). Delivery 1. GW undertakes to deliver within the usual deadlines. . E 058 Office hours: by appointment Head of the International Office Strategic issues of internationalisation Personal and financial responsibility With the agreement of the tutor, students can also organise an independent exchange semester from ETH Zurich for the Master`s thesis and choose a university with which ETH does not have a special exchange contract.

. An early delivery will only take place if it is agreed in individual cases. . Of course, you can also rent an additional smaller meeting room for your event or call on our professional administration department. Obligations of member countries The requirements of the Convention and the additional guidelines (livestock performance, testing, etc.) must be respected. In the case of winning entries, the organizers acquire the right to return the entries in question and repeat them by awarding the prizes on ARD, the Swiss television SF DRS, ARTE as well as on and 3sat and on ARD Digital. . . . .