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Throughout our lives, we all plan holistically. We plan our days, our holidays, our weddings, our birthday parties and our reunions. We also plan life-changing events, such as starting a family, changing jobs or careers, retiring, and educating our children. However, we neglect the planning of the lifespan. Lifespan planning is a comprehensive compilation of our most important values and goals. Lifetime planning can include things like charitable giving, regular tithing, wealth transfer planning, funding colleges/colleges, and creating an inheritance for heirs. It can also include things like preparing for the loss of physical abilities or abilities, end-of-life decisions, death, and after death. I was very satisfied with the service I received from Lifetime Legal. My phone appointment and subsequent email correspondence with Emily was very thorough and she was very efficient in everything she did. I highly recommend it! Click « Contact Us » to start your discussion on how you want to protect yourself and your family.

Your first meeting costs nothing and from this discussion, you will know what needs to be done for you and your loved ones to do your estate planning now. Estate planning is important to your family. After you leave, they are responsible for regulating your property. Either you have made sure that your wishes on who gets what have been legally documented, or you leave them with a court of disorder and homologation. Perhaps the most important question is not which lawyer you choose, but whether you will be able to fill in the legal documentation of your wishes while you are able to do so. I used the legal department for life to draft my will and was very impressed with their service. They kept emailing me and calling me to have a discussion before I wrote my will. I put it off for years, but they made it so easy and it wasn`t something to worry about. I`m glad they persecuted me because I wouldn`t have written any. Discussing issues such as family care, disability, end-of-life decisions, lifetime giving, and inheritances upon death can sometimes be extremely difficult and painful to consider. Part of our job is to help our clients (1) identify their goals, (2) navigate their options, and (3) create a written plan tailored to their unique situation. We are best placed to help when customers are ready to share their life stories with us.

Who is your family and what are these dynamics? What is your story? How is your health? What are your acquisitions and successes? What are your values and priorities? Hi Charli, thank you for taking the time to leave us a comment! We will not fail to convey your kind words to Emily. We had a great experience with LL for the preparation of wills and the sale of a house. The Trajan lawyer was excellent. Hi Saki, Thank you for taking the time to leave us a comment. We apologize for feeling confused by the fees listed and the registration process. We will certainly work to improve that; However, we are glad that you were satisfied with the cancellation process and contact. If you ever need us again, do not hesitate to contact us. Excellent service where a customer feels satisfaction and peace of mind. Click on the video above for a brief introduction to estate planning. Dear David To get a refund for your research, you need to make a calim on your membership. I asked the mebership team to send you a calim form. Greetings Chris Lifetime Legal promised me a lawyer who would be responsive.

They also promised to call me back, and after 3 of their employees didn`t do it at a crucial time, I stopped believing them. They charged me £270 upfront for a service that was not delivered and risked losing the sale I had agreed to. To be fair, after writing a review stronger than this, Lifetime Legal investigated and reimbursed me my initial fee of £270. Still, I wouldn`t recommend them as a service and I would ask anyone who gets the hard sale from them to get referrals from friends instead. We display reviews in chronological order, and you can filter by star count, language, location, or keyword. Learn more about the Trustpilot review journey. . I had made a will with Lifetime Legal. Emily was very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. She reminded me of things I wouldn`t have thought of when I made a will. The service was also fast and efficient. I would like to recommend Lifetime Legal to family and friends.

We fight against fake reviews. This is how we secure our platform. Lifetime Legal offers excellent services with competent experts ready to help you if necessary. They are easy to contact from Monday to Friday from 9am.m to 7pm.m. Especially the last few hours are a bonus compared to similar achievements. Remember that their excellent service comes at a price. If you`re good with money and want extra service and security, they`re a great option. However, if you are on a tight budget, you should look for alternatives.

The only downside for me was that even though I had indicated the correct final fees before filing, I felt that the fees were not fully explained and left me with some confusion. I found this too expensive and decided to cancel my membership within the 14-day notice period. Lifetime Legal has been professional enough to respond to the cancellation request without question and provide a full refund of all fees paid at that time. Emily`s fantastic service, made writing our will so painless and easy, certainly recommended. Hi Louise, I`m sorry we didn`t respond to your request faster. Although we try to process each request in a shorter time than you have experienced, it seems that we have failed on this occasion. The service received was perfect, the team was very helpful. I would definitely recommend it. Hello Grant Before renewing your membership, you will receive an email. You will find a link in the email where you can contact us and cancel your membership. The only reason to return the form is that, if you wish to cancel your benefits in advance, they will expire.

Best Adam Our firm is primarily active in the areas of estate planning, estate and trust administration, Medicaid planning and guardianship. We are open to all. Reviews are published immediately, without moderation. The service provided by Lifetime Legal, particularly by legal operations team leader Amy, was exceptional. She worked with me every step of the way to speed up our local research and ultimately prevent our property sale/purchase from going down. The level or communication and attention to detail was excellent and for that I would highly recommend Lifetime Legal. The rest of the team was great too. We were very impressed with the process of updating our will. The service was quick and efficient with helpful tips on things to think about in our estate planning. It`s not easy to talk about things that have to do with death, but the team treated us with sensitivity and empathy. We recommend Lifetime Legal for its will writing services. Very helpful, efficient and competent in terms of rewriting my will.

I highly recommend Lifetime Legal.. .